Date: 2/26/18 2:10 pm
From: Steve Cagan <steve...>
Subject: [Ohio-birds] Harbingers of spring in Cleveland Heights
Hi everyone,

No, not American Robins--they've been around all winter (though I think
some new ones may have arrived, and are very active in the yard under the

Last week the first Common Grackles started showing up at our feeders, and
the last couple of days we've had a Red-winged Blackbird, or maybe two,
visiting and calling a lot. Sadly, our tiny backyard pond and even tinier
stand of cattails won't serve as a nesting spot for them...

Steve Cagan
Cuyahoga County

Steve Cagan, photographer

216-932-2753 (USA)
322-344-7909 (Colombia)


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