Date: 2/26/18 1:34 pm
From: Burney Huff <burney.huff...>
Subject: [Tweeters] Peregrine Falcon eating banded bird
Near Arlington on the afternoon of 2/25, a Peregrine Falcon was seen feeding
on a bird. The prey bird had two bands, as described below. Three
digiscoped photos are available if anyone wants to see them. Photos will
not show white band with lettering.

Turquoise plastic on left leg, white plastic with black lettering on right
leg. Black lettering appears to be three lines high (small text) on one
side, text may be combination of letters and numbers but words/patterns not
discernible. On the other side only one line tall, larger numbers, first
number a 9, second number may be 5, last number is most likely 6 but
possibly 8. The white band is taller than the turquoise band.

Wings: Three outer primaries black or very dark grey at tips, lightening to
medium grey near base; appear gull-like. Rest of primaries were white, I
believe. Body (under) feathers all white and seemed large and fairly dense.
Legs and toes thick, reddish, with claw-appearing tips rather than talons.
Anisodactyl arrangement. Not webbed.

At 2:48, PEFA flew off with the mostly stripped carcass, one full lap around
the open area of the property and then half a lap before flying due SSW
toward forested area overlooking the river.

Mary Huff

Arlington, WA

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