Date: 2/26/18 11:59 am
From: Joe Sebastiani <bunker17...>
Subject: Drones
Maybe this has been discussed before, but I regularly bird Somerset Lake in New Garden Twp., southern Chester County. Today was the second time recently that I have seen the same lakeside homeowner fly their drone over the whole lake with the intent of scaring all the Canada Geese away. The drone has some kind of 6-foot long trailing rope or netting attached to it to add to the effect. I was seeing upwards of 3,000 geese roost on this lake in early winter. At this point it is in the low hundreds. Perhaps they got the message and now roost elsewhere.

My main question is whether or not this is legal. The lake is a private, man-made lake that was present prior to all the homes surrounding the lake. Maybe residents can do what they want legally, but to me it is harassment of migratory waterfowl. Over the years, 30 species of ducks, geese, and swans have been recorded on the lake. This winter, it seems rather devoid of duck diversity, and perhaps it is this dude with the drone.

Joe Sebastiani
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