Date: 2/26/18 10:42 am
From: pep4223 <pep4223...>
Subject: Red-breasted Mergansers, Ring-billed Gulls, DCCO, Peregrine Falcon - Jefferson County
It was a great morning to bird. It took Chuck (teacher strike) and I a few hours to do one drive down Bloomery Road plus John Rissler Road. The highlight for Rissler was 2 pair of Red-breasted Mergansers. The males were in prime form for their ladies, showing off breeding plumage and making clever movements with their necks.

On Bloomery Road, in addition to the usuals, 4 Horned Grebes were between the S turn and Moulton Park. Chuck counted 82 Ring-billed Gulls flying over us rather quickly, and we had about 350 Cedar Waxwings along the way also. FOY for both of us was a Double-crested Cormorant at the S turn.

A FOY for me was also the highlight of my day. On the fishing access road that takes you near the underside of the huge Route 9 bridge over the Shenandoah River, I looked up the hill, only to see a Peregrine Falcon perched on one of the massive power poles. We watched it in the scope for about 5 minutes before it took off in a flash, never to be seen again. Maybe it's the peregrine that hangs out in Harper's Ferry?


Jefferson County, WV
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