Date: 2/26/18 7:26 am
From: L Markoff <canyoneagle...>
Subject: [obol] FW: Odd white calamus on Steller's Jay
Thanks to everyone who replied for giving feedback on the Jay, good

And thanks to the person who made me laugh when he pointed out that the bird
was actually a Sporty Jay, which was obvious because it had a racing stripe!

Lori M


From: L Markoff [mailto:<canyoneagle...>]
Sent: Sunday, February 25, 2018 11:17 AM
To: '<obol...>'
Subject: Odd white calamus on Steller's Jay

Several weeks ago I noticed a Steller's Jay with an odd, white calamus
(feather shaft). I assume that eventually it will molt out and be replaced
by a normal feather? Was finally able to get photos, here:

Lori Markoff

Eugene (South Hills)

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