Date: 2/25/18 10:15 pm
From: Joseph Hood <jhood001...>
Subject: [texbirds] Re: Purple Sandpiper Still Here
We observed and photographed the continuing Purple Sandpiper in Calhoun
County, Texas on Sunday, 2-25-18 from 4:41 pm until 5:29 pm as it foraged
along the rocks between the south side of the remaining roadbed of the
approach to the old dismantled Hwy. 35 causeway just southwest of Point
Comfort and northeast of Port Lavaca, traveling from northeast to southwest
on Hwy. 35, just before you cross the current Hwy. 35 causeway toward Port
Lavaca. The approximate coordinates of the location where the Purple
Sandpiper was foraging were: 28.6639, -96.5788. We remained in our vehicle,
traveling very slowly and using the vehicle as a portable blind, as did some
of the previous observers. The Purple Sandpiper was seemingly undisturbed by
the presence of the truck and continued foraging as I photographed it. We
parked the truck on the roadbed ahead of the Purple Sandpiper in the
direction that it was foraging and photographed the sandpiper as it passed
by the unmoving vehicle. That strategy seems less likely to flush the bird
than attempting to photograph it from outside the vehicle, due to the fact
that it forages among the rocks very close to the old roadbed. However, as
another poster previously posted, that strategy might prove impractical for
a large group of birders.

Joseph M. Hood, D.C.

Austin, Texas

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