Date: 2/25/18 8:03 pm
From: Jean Leonatti <jleonatti...>
Subject: Eagle Bluffs - flock of small white geese
Just curious - anyone else at Eagle Bluffs late afternoon into evening? We saw a small flock (50-75 birds) of white geese on the ground in the field to the west of the first one-way loop. About 5:15; earlier had seen them in the air. There was one large darkish goose which made me pull out the scope. Unfortunately the entire flock was continually walking away from me - giving nice views of their tails but not many head shots. The dark goose was an immature dark phase snow goose - he dwarfed most of the other geese; there were a couple of white phase Snow Geese - it slowly dawned on me that the majority of the remaining geese were all small and were all white phase. The few that I did get a face look at were Ross'.

I am still questioning myself. I've never seen a flock that was primarily (like 90%) Ross' Geese. Did anyone else see this flock and get better looks than me?

Other than that, lots of Greater White-fronted Geese in the air and on the ground; Canada's very evident. Lots of mallards in pool 14, one pelican. The biggest variety of ducks was in Pool 2 - it held Mallards, Shovelers, Gadwall, and a fair number of Wigeon and Ringed-neck ducks. Sadly, no woodcocks sounding off.

Jean Leonatti
Boone County
Columbia, MO

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