Date: 2/25/18 7:45 pm
From: kurtcapt87--- via va-bird <va-bird...>
Subject: [Va-bird] Rainy Atlas Activities in No. VA

A quick note on Atlas activities this weekend. Some productivity in between
rain drops. On Saturday, I reported a well-known eagle nest at the Hallowing
Pt area, but was unable to find local hawk nests.

Sunday was a bit better - I found a few old nests in the Rectortown SE block
plus one pair of Red-shouldered Hawks actively nest building near the east
boundary of the block. I also found a few empty nests - one seemed to be an
old Red-shouldered nest and another maybe an old Red-tailed nest. Sometimes
its hard to be sure the nests are empty when the weather is a bit wet as the
mama raptor will stay low in the nest, unseen to your eyes.

On the way home, I stopped at Pohick Bay Regional Park. With the spate of
Red-necked Grebe reports, I figured, given its history, Pohick was a good
place to check. No RNGR but two unusual species were seen. The first was a
Forster's Tern, diving behind some Tundra Swans on the Fort Belvoir side -
another FOTE was perched alongside a Ring-billed Gull and the size
difference was very noticeable. (note, a scope was used by yours truly).
The other was a delightful male White-winged Scoter. I have always believes
that WWSC are a gorgeous species and this fellow lived up to the hype. After
floating about for a while, it got up and flew low to the water making a few
banking turns for a couple of minutes, showing the white speculums quite
well. Wonderful!

Kurt Gaskill

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