Date: 2/25/18 6:49 pm
From: Matthew Valenic <mmvalencic...>
Subject: [Ohio-birds] Geauga County - Update on Grebes at LaDue today
As of this writing (9:30pm Sunday night) there were 20 Checklists posted on
eBird for LaDue Reservoir today, many of them names we (those of us in the
County) don't recognize. I guess it was quite a scene along Valley Road in
the early morning as cars and birders searched for the Eared and Red-necked
Grebes. I didn't arrive until 1:30pm but others told me some fishermen
didn't even have places to park in the usual pull-offs and some vocalized
their discontent with colorful language (shame on them).

Anyway, thanks to good notes on one checklist we can understand why most
people did not see the grebes (see . A weather front moved through
around 8:45am and many, many ducks picked up and left, including the Eared
Grebe that left with a bunch of Scaup. The wind came with the front and the
lake area was an uncomfortable place for birds and birders until about

Searches were made of all the usual places around the lake but without
relocating the birds. HOWEVER . it sure was cool to see the huge flock of
Redheads numbering over 400 by some counts! They have been around for
several days and you have to scan them for bonus birds, like the single
female Canvasback we spotted in the afternoon.

If we find the Grebes again we will let you know. LaDue is the #1 eBird
Hotspot in Geauga County and we hope to get more 'Celebrity Birds' during
Spring Migration. Keep watching the Listserv and posting your sightings on

Matt Valencic

"It is in giving that we receive."


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