Date: 2/25/18 5:39 pm
From: Robert Thorn <robthorn6...>
Subject: [Ohio-birds] Berliner-SciotoGrove,2-25:SandhillCranes,E.Phoebe
Flooding was the big feature along the Scioto River at these 2 parks this
morning. Berliner had all the riparian woods flooded, but it didn't much
affect the bikepath. Scioto Grove also had most of the floodplain, well,
flooded, including nearly all the the large field at the south end of the
park off Hibbs Rd. As impressive as the flooding was today, crest is not
due until tomorrow. While the flooding made finding waterfowl tricky, it
seemed to force landbirds to the drier margins. Notables included:

Mergansers- Hoodeds were at several places (Haul Rd quarries had the most,
15), while Berliner had 8 Common Mergansers along the river.
Turkey Vultures - 1 was soaring at Grants Run west of Scioto Grove, while
another 4 were soaring over downtown Columbus
BaldEagle - none at Berliner, but a juvenile was soaring over the flooded
Hibbs Rd fields at Scioto Grove
SandhillCranes - a small flock of 6 were circling around the flooded Hibbs
Rd fields
Kildeer - singles were at several different spots
E.Phoebe - 1 was calling in the flooded riparian forest of Berliner park
BrownCreepers - still 3 foraging around the riparian forest at Berliner
Kinglets - small #s of Golden-crowns were at both Berliner and Scioto Grove
Blackbirds - Redwing males were widespread, while Common Grackles were
mostly along the river at Berliner and Scioto Grove


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