Date: 2/25/18 9:55 am
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Subject: [GeneseeBirds-L] Chaut Co
Feb 22 First of year Common Grackle near my Lakewood home. (Last year, Feb 20 was first grackle sighting.)
Feb 21 A pair of Bald Eagles perched near newly ice-free water, Chautauqua Lake outlet in Celoron.
Feb 18 17 Pine Siskins were at and under feeders; after all feeder birds scattered, a cat walked through the yard. I have not seen siskins since Feb 18.
In the last two months, four different cats have visited my yard, an adult Sharp-shinned Hawk perched near my yard, and two sparrows were consumed by an immature Cooper’s Hawk – one under the feeders and one under a spruce tree.
Are my feeders luring some birds to their death, or would they be picked off elsewhere and removed from the gene pool?
On a recent evening, I chased away three deer near my feeders. Even though the feeders are suspended from a 7-foot pole that I thought was deer-proof, apparently the deer can jostle the two seed feeders without bases and then eat the seed from the ground. Am I illegally feeding deer if I don’t intercept them and chase them from my yard?
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