Date: 2/25/18 3:46 am
From: Chad Kauffman <chadkauffman...>
Subject: Juniata County - Ebird 200 challenge
Hello everyone, our Ebird 200 challenge for Juniata County is doing well.

We were fortunate enough to get over 100 yesterday for the year. The 2nd
100 won't be as easy.

If anyone is wanting to bird new areas or get some birds in a new
county, we would appreciate some help and if you arrange ahead of time,
you can join some of our local birders including myself. At this time, I
am not sure if we will lead any official field trips, but I have hooked
up with some already and would be glad to have others join me for some
extra eyes and ears.

I have attached the ebird list so you can see what we listed so far.

Chad Kauffman, Mifflintown, PA
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