Date: 2/24/18 9:38 pm
From: Mark McShane <mcshanebirder...>
Subject: [GABO-L] Red-necked Grebe - Commerce Waterworks Lake, Banks County - 2/24/2018
Hi All,

Sorry to get this out so late.

Jim Hanna found a RED-NECKED GREBE at the Commerce Waterworks Lake eBird hotspot in Banks County Saturday at about 10:45AM!

Jim called to let me know and eventually I was on my way home from family business in Marietta to Lawrenceville and so pretty naturally took the long way home up through Banks County to try to see the bird. I met up with Jim who was still birding in the area and he showed me the spot and we relocated the grebe!

It was a very warm day and the bird was about 700-800 yards out (.4 to .5 miles, scope required that far out, though Jim originally found the grebe a bit closer in). I had to magnify the seriously moving heat shimmer to 75x in the phonescope and then, to add insult to injury, I had to max the digital zoom on the iPhone as well to get any reasonably meaningful, but almost certainly Impressionist, footage of the grebe. Ended up getting some good Impressionist footage of the bird with several other species too!

I tried again from a different not very far away public access location a little later in the evening and did a little better but still difficult conditions that far out.

The first eBird checklist with Jim from 3:41PM with video still frames:

The second eBird checklist from 5:10PM with video still frames:

Exact locations of the two public access viewing points and of the bird at the time are in the checklists. I left the grebe there rafted up with other waterfowl for the evening and hopefully it will stick around for a while (and hopefully a bit closer)! Thanks to Jim Hanna!

Good Birding All!


Mark McShane
Lawrenceville, Gwinnett County, Georgia

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