Date: 2/24/18 4:16 pm
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Subject: [GeneseeBirds-L] Irondequoit Bay, 24 Fe-gulls, eagles, raven etc.
Hi all,
Yesterday, I finally got back into town, and today I went to go see the gull spectacle on Irondequoit Bay.  I started at the outlet and had very few ducks, except for a 200ish flock of GREATER SCAUP fly over, with only a couple LESSER SCAUP.  I could see many gulls from here, and had multiple GREAT BLACK-BACKED GULLS, and three ICELAND (KUMLIEN'S) GULLS.  I could see a lot of gulls toward Castaways (to the E), and stopped in their parking lot to get a more complete look at the gull flock.  I had a GLAUCOUS GULL and one of the ICELAND (KUMLIEN'S) GULLS from the outlet plus an adult LESSER BLACK-BACKED GULL.  I ventured down to Lasalle's Landing Park and Irondequoit Bay Park, West at the south end of the bay and had an even greater amount of GREAT BLACK-BACKED GULLS and HERRING GULLS along with three GLAUCOUS GULLS, 7 ICELAND (KUMLIEN'S) GULLS, and 2 LESSER BLACK-BACKED GULLS.  I also had a COMMON RAVEN feeding on a fish on the ice.  Views of the gulls from both of these spots were incredible, and it was great looking at and studying the insanely varied plumages of HERRING GULLS.  I watched one catch and fly around with a Rainbow Trout at Lasalle's Landing Park for a while, which was very cool.  Lastly, I stopped at Newport Marina and had one more ICELAND (KUMLIEN'S) GULL, plus a PEREGRINE FALCON.  I didn't have a lot of arriving puddle ducks, but had tons of RED-BREASTED and COMMON MERGANSERS on the bay plus a few HOODED MERGANSERS and also some REDHEAD.
After accounting for double-counted birds viewed from different locations, I came up with the following totals for the different gull species during my trek around the bay:HERRING GULL-4600ICELAND (KUMLIEN'S) GULL-11GLAUCOUS GULL-5LESSER BLACK-BACKED GULL-3GREAT BLACK-BACKED GULL-272RING-BILLED GULL-550
I was a bit surprised at the lower BALD EAGLE numbers considering what had been around and I only had three today (which is actually pretty good considering they flush the gulls, making it difficult to count).
I stopped at Ontario Beach Park at Charlotte and ran into Kimberly Sucy and we had the usual FISH CROWS in the parking lot and had 6 TUNDRA SWANS fly over.  Otherwise, extremely quiet there.
Good luck to anyone looking for Gulls out there at Irondequoit Bay-seems like a good spot for a Thayer's or some cool hybrids to show up or maybe the next upstate Slaty-backed!
Greg Lawrence

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