Date: 2/24/18 11:39 am
From: Justin Bosler <justin.bosler...>
Subject: [texbirds] Odessa Snowy Owl - NO
After hearing of a 22 February sighting of the Odessa Snowy Owl, I decided
to give it a look yesterday evening while traveling from Tahoka and Rankin.
I arrived at about 6:45 PM and searched for close to 3 hours before giving
up. However, I did see 2 other owl species during that time. First, there
was a Short-eared Owl in the brushy lot between the Chris Kyle Memorial/
V.A. Outpatients Clinic and Cinergy Movie Theater. It was not roosting here
but rather flew in from the west. It later moved to the short grass field
south of Dr. Emmitt Headlee Rd. and west of San Antonio St. Shortly after
the SEOW sighting, a Barn Owl flew past heading east along the SH 191
Frontage Rd. And I was really hoping for the owl hat trick, too! Better
luck next time.

Good birding!
Justin Bosler
currently in Upton County, TX

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