Date: 2/24/18 10:20 am
From: Robert Thorn <robthorn6...>
Subject: [Ohio-birds] PickPonds,2-24:SingingSandhills,amorousEagles
The rainy weather didn't seem to depress the birds at this wetland complex
southeast of Columbus. Lots of birds were singing and displaying, and the
ponds had a burst of early diver migrants. However, the Heron rookery had
no activity at all. Notables included:

Diving Ducks - flocks of Ring-necks & Redheads were at several of the
wetlands; Greenwing Pond had the biggest numbers.
Dabbling Ducks - nothing besides Mallards; high water may have spread out
others aways from ponds
Other Waterfowl - a Horned Grebe was at Ellis Pond, and a Bufflehead and a
few Hooded Mergansers were at Greenwing Pond. Mallard Marsh had a modest
flock of Coots.
SandhillCranes - a pair were calling near Mallard Marsh, possibly the ones
seen on-and-off here most of the Fall and Winter.
Bald Eagles - a pair were noisily procreating at Arrowhead Marsh, so they
may be planning to nest nearby.
Fruit-eaters - Robins were common, but there were also a few Bluebirds and
a single Mockingbird
Blackbirds - Redwing males were everywhere, but no females yet
Sparrows - many singing Song Sparrows, but also had a few White-crowns and
Trees around the feeder at the Wood Duck picnic area


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