Date: 2/24/18 8:19 am
From: <amk17...>
Subject: [Tweeters] Varied thrush and other yard bird news
Varied thrush were singing throughout Phinney Ridge this morning (being the first above freezing morning). One varied thrush has been in the yard daily for the past couple of weeks and was singing from the plum tree this a.m. (I'll post the singing on ebird later today.)

Warblers: A couple of yellow-rumped warblers have been in the yard daily for nearly a month. These two have become very territorial of the hummingbird feeders and were successful in 'evicting' the orange-crowned warbler and ruby-crowned kinglet that had been daily visitors since late last fall. The hummingbirds are annoyed but don't seem to take them "too seriously". Initially, the warblers fed on the suet but then discovered the sugar water...

Hummingbirds: I've mostly observed a single male in the yard but now there seem to be up to five Anna's hummingbirds. Quite a lot of jockeying for alpha position but the usual male seems to win out and is somewhat if occasionally tolerant of the others.

Juncos: "Tiny Tim" shows up now and again but has taken to sitting instead of balancing on its one leg by wing or tail. But this one-legged junco is still surviving.

Good birding.
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