Date: 2/23/18 10:19 pm
From: SeEttaM . <seettam...>
Subject: [texbirds] Great Kiskadee tongue
In reviewing some of my photos from my recent visit to the Rio Grande
Valley I found I had a very good pic that showed the tongue of a Great
Kiskadee. While some will think that is rather nerdy, I have always
enjoyed photos that show the tongues of birds so I have uploaded those pics
to my Birds and Nature blog <>for any
others who might find this of interest. I added a photo that shows the
hook on it's upper mandible with some discussion of what it might use that
for. And since I had a photo that showed several parts of wing feathers so
well I labelled it and added what Birds of North America online says about
these feathers. If I got any wrong, please let me so I can edit it.
SeEtta Moss
Canon City,CO

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