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Subject: RE: [MASSBIRD] Info on Vangaurd Endeavor
I will reply all for Gary’s sake😊

I own this model scope and have been happy with it. I admit it is a little intimidating when birding with a group and everyone else is toting a $3000 Swarovski, but I was not willing to make that big investment. Most of my birding is with binoculars, but I wanted to be able to ID ducks out on the lake occasionally. For a moderate price range (you should be able to find this one for a little over $500), the Vanguard is a good value. It’s rugged and I haven’t had any problems. However if you plan to do a lot of coastal birding (longer distance waterfowl and shorebirds), you probably will want to spend more.

John Kamerud
Windham, NH

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Wish discussions like this were not private so those of us that joined to learn could follow the thread. I do understand the concept of cluttered inbox. So easy to delete an email though. No need to even open.

Good birding,

Gary Freedman---*
Stow, MA

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I am thinking about purchasing the "Vanguard Endeavor HD 82A 20-60x 82mm Angled Spotting Scope, BAK4 Roof Prism". I have read that it's considered a best value and highly recommended in the $500 - $1000 price range. I am interested in hearing from any Massbirders that own this scope and their opinions. You can email your comments <gwatkevich...> so as not to create unnecessary traffic on Massbird.
Greg Watkevich

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