Date: 2/23/18 9:20 am
From: David Gibson via va-bird <va-bird...>
Subject: Re: [Va-bird] Lower Rio Grand Valley of Texas
Ron, Didn't seem political at all. Just matter of fact. You don't appear to
me, anyway, to take a political side. Thanks for the heads up. Certainly
all of us can agree, whatever our political persuasion, that it's
heartbreaking when good habitat is lost. BTW, it's especially heartbreaking
when one witnesses habitat loss firsthand. Best, Dave

On Fri, Feb 23, 2018 at 9:34 AM, Ron Vogel via va-bird <
<va-bird...> wrote:

> I reluctantly make this post because it has nothing to do with Virginia
> birding and may be viewed by some as a "political" statement. Nevertheless,
> I know many Virginia birders have made the pilgrimage to the Lower Rio
> Grande Valley and appreciate the marvelous birding venues that are located
> along the Rio Grand in the McAllen/Mission area. And for those Virginia
> birders who have yet to make this journey, I heartily encourage you to do
> so
> soon. I recently returned from my third trip to this area, and learned that
> the nationally-renowned Santa Anna National Wildlife Refuge will be the
> first area along the Lower Rio Grand area to see initial construction of
> the
> proposed border wall. I would expect, although I do not know for sure, that
> other nearby areas that are owned by the State or local municipalities will
> soon follow, include Bentsen-Rio Grande State Park and Andazulas County
> Park. I have no idea how this construction may alter the riparian habitats
> that draw so many Mexican bird specialties across the river, but at the
> very
> least construction activity alone is sure to be disruptive to those seeking
> to bird in these publicly-owned properties. So if you've been putting off
> making an your first trip to this area, or were planning to return in the
> future, prudence would dictate going sooner rather than later.
> Ron Vogel
> Annandale, VA
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