Date: 2/23/18 7:37 am
From: Petra Hockey <phockey...>
Subject: [texbirds] Re: Purple Sandpiper still here, 3pm Thurs
The best approach for several birders, incl. myself, watching the Purple Sandpiper earlier that day was not to park and walk but to drive very slowly as close to the water’s edge as safely possible and, after having spotted the PUSA at a distance, park the car with windows open in the direction the PUSA is walking and wait patiently until the bird walks right by your car. Taller cars make it a little easier as you are definitely looking down below the road’s elevation but it worked from my Subaru Forester just fine. Groups of birders might be better off getting out of the car, however, since not everybody can get a good look from the vehicle.
Got great close-up photos that way and didn’t flush the bird.
Petra Hockey
Port O’Connor, Calhoun Co.

> From: Nina Rach <nina...> <mailto:<nina...>>
> Date: Thu, 22 Feb 2018 15:09:09 -0600
> Subject: [texbirds] Purple Sandpiper still here, 3pm Thurs
> Drizzly day, 56 deg, but... We just had very fine looks at the Purple Sandpiper, both with scopes and bins, near Point Comfort, Calhoun County. We ran into a van full of British birders with their guide from Kelowna, BC and a car of folks from the RGV, and were able to put them on the bird. Lifer!
> It is important to park your car and walk, because the PUSA is walking along the water edge below the level of the road. Seen Midway down the old road, with Ruddy Turnstones and the occasional Spotted Sandpiper.
> Nina Rach
> Houston

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