Date: 2/23/18 4:37 am
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Subject: Re: [GeneseeBirds-L] [geneseebirds-googlegroup] Sweets Corners/Gloria Road Snowy Owl
Hi Mike,

I am sorry of I did anything wrong or disrespectful.

I did not think that driving past the Owl was being inappropriate, as long
as I did not drive closer than the road allowed and I did not get out of my
car or reach out of my car window to take a picture. A while ago, my
friend spotted a Snowy Owl while driving down the highway. They were able
to put over to the shoulder to watch it as it perched (even closer) on a
roadside sign stump, and they also never left their car. They were on a
schedule, so they didn't stay in that spot for long, but they were able to
view it from their car without issue. I feel that I was doing the same

I never deliberately get too close to a wild animal on foot, and when we go
viewing, we don't trespass, move brush or make noise.

I spotted this Owl in the same spot from the road, and it took me a half
hour to go home to grab my camera, and then another 15 minutes getting
permission to drive on the access road. That entire time, the owl
remained in the same spot.

I only stayed on the road about minutes, and then I was on my way, as I
also had a schedule.

Now I feel awful, as I feel that I am always respectful when birding.
Again, I'm sorry, and thank you for the education - I am always happy to
learn about birding.


On Thu, Feb 22, 2018 at 9:24 PM, <metetlow...> wrote:

> I understand Janet’s enthusiasm but feel I must speak of owl viewing
> etiquette. I was the first to re-post this bird after the initial finding
> because many I know cannot drive or walk the distances to get to the owl
> hotspots. I have passed this bird on the way home many times and there have
> always been at least 2 other cars. I have seen another viewer get
> permission to drive across the farm access and staying in their car still
> flushed the bird. This extra attention and effort of many to get a better
> photo continues to be a growing problem. While Janet exercised appropriate
> care I feel there is no need to get closer to a bird that is already only
> 50 yards from the road. The neighborhood had been very tolerant but they
> have their limits. I encourage everyone, permission or not, to give these
> birds their space. Respectively submitted, Mike Tetlow
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> On Feb 22, 2018, at 3:47 PM, Janet Lynn Bovitz-Sandefur <
> <jbovitzsandefur...> wrote:
> Hi Birders!
> I was out and about today, NOT birding, and decided to see if I could spot
> the Snowy Owl in the area of Sweets Corners and Gloria Road in Penfield
> before heading home this afternoon.
> And, I did!
> S/he was perched atop a small barn in the field directly Southwest of the
> small Gloria Road cemetary.
> There is an access road between Salt and Gloria, that runs through the
> large field. I asked permission to drive on the access road, which went
> right past the barn, by the tenants whose landlord owns the land (off Salt
> Road).
> I did not leave the car - my camera just takes good close-up shots. I
> drove past the barn slowly with my car window open, taking pictures. The
> Snowy was not interested in my car at all, but when s/he did look my way, I
> snapped a few nice shots.
> Happy birding, and enjoy the day!
> Janet (and James) Sandefur
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