Date: 2/23/18 3:58 am
From: Bob Keener <keener1538...>
Subject: Re: Asian visitors to Middle Creek - from an Asian.
Thanks Trini! Well said!
On Feb 22, 2018 11:49 PM, "Trini y Sean (PATangoS)" <
<00000100730d2974-dmarc-request...> wrote:

> I hope I can finally put this thread to bed. As an Asian (Filippino), I
> appreciate theconsideration some have about whether pointing out behaviors
> based on race ornationality may be construed as insensitive. It’s nice that
> such awareness exists. I don’t believe, though, that pointing out the
> influx of Asian visitors wasinappropriate in any way. If anything,it’s a
> recognition of something different in their culture. And who doesn’t love
> to talk about their ownculture? Sharing what’s important tothem, what
> makes them different than others, teaching others who are genuinely curious.
> Every stereotype starts with a grain of truth, sostereotyping in and of
> itself is not necessarily bad. It’s just another word for how we
> organizethe world around us. This concern forstereotyping can lead to
> political correctness to an extreme degree thatrefuses to acknowledge or
> appreciate the differences in culture, race, gender,etc. The trick is to
> recognize whether the stereotype is positive ornegative. Obviously, the
> negativestereotypes should be avoided. Beinginterested in birds is
> certainly not a negative. Truth be told Asians do love their
> cameras,particularly the Japanese with Nikon cameras. Being up on
> technology is something Asians or any ethnic group would beproud to share.
> And being affluentenough to travel for nature photography? Not a negative.
> Finally, a word of advice for approaching someone who looksforeign. If
> you ask someone where theyare from and they say “Greenfield part of
> Pittsburgh”, do not then ask “Whereare you really from?” You might get
> theanswer “Florida”. If you’re interestedin someone’s ethnicity, just ask
> them.
> Trini de Pittsburgh
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