Date: 2/22/18 8:49 pm
From: Trini y Sean (PATangoS) <00000100730d2974-dmarc-request...>
Subject: Asian visitors to Middle Creek - from an Asian.

I hope I can finally put this thread to bed.  As an Asian (Filippino), I appreciate theconsideration some have about whether pointing out behaviors based on race ornationality may be construed as insensitive. It’s nice that such awareness exists. I don’t believe, though, that pointing out the influx of Asian visitors wasinappropriate in any way.  If anything,it’s a recognition of something different in their culture.  And who doesn’t love to talk about their ownculture?  Sharing what’s important tothem, what makes them different than others, teaching others who are genuinely curious.


Every stereotype starts with a grain of truth, sostereotyping in and of itself is not necessarily bad.  It’s just another word for how we organizethe world around us.  This concern forstereotyping can lead to political correctness to an extreme degree thatrefuses to acknowledge or appreciate the differences in culture, race, gender,etc. The trick is to recognize whether the stereotype is positive ornegative.   Obviously, the negativestereotypes should be avoided.  Beinginterested in birds is certainly not a negative.  Truth be told Asians do love their cameras,particularly the Japanese with Nikon cameras. Being up on technology is something Asians or any ethnic group would beproud to share.  And being affluentenough to travel for nature photography? Not a negative.

Finally, a word of advice for approaching someone who looksforeign.  If you ask someone where theyare from and they say “Greenfield part of Pittsburgh”, do not then ask “Whereare you really from?”  You might get theanswer “Florida”.  If you’re interestedin someone’s ethnicity, just ask them.
Trini de Pittsburgh
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