Date: 2/22/18 4:38 pm
From: David Becher <davidbecher...>
Subject: Re: Mel Price Dam: Gulls still there (IL)
The Corp has lowered the water a great deal at Riverlands. They are clearly expecting some flooding soon. There were hundreds of gulls all over the mudflats. We found an adult Lesser Black-back at Lincoln-Shields, but the visibility was poor with the rain and fog. The ducks seem to be moving. There were lots of birds including lots of Ruddy Ducks, some Redheads, and number of Red-breasted Mergansers. There was large mixed goose flock along Confluence Road that included a good number of Ross' Geese. Many birds were hidden in the corn, but a quick glance found at least 15. Doug Hommert also pointed out a Peregrine Falcon on one of the electrical towers. Columbia Bottom was almost completely birdless.

David Becher
Saint Louis

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Subject: Mel Price Dam: Gulls still there (IL)

Margaret and I took a quick look at the Mel Price Dam today from the north side, along the entry road to the Great Rivers Museum. Hundreds of gulls were lined up on the lock walls or on top of the rounded supports that stick out from the walls. Among these were a/the first-cycle Glaucous Gull, an adult Lesser Black-back, and an adult "Thayer's" Iceland Gull. Probably more too, but we had to leave.

Bill Rowe

St. Louis


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