Date: 2/22/18 4:32 pm
From: Alan Contreras <acontrer56...>
Subject: [obol] Lincoln birds today
Tristen Hynes and I spent much of today poking around Newport. We found the GLAUCOUS Gull hanging with a large gullwad in the cove just west of the NOAA complex (access north of the marina boat ramp). Scores of Herring and Western, a few Gwings, Thice and Mew there. The lower estuary had birds but no huge flocks much west of the bridge. Nice goldeneye flock under the bridge including one male Barrow’s. Lots of Common and one Pacific Loon, 1 Eared, 1 Horned, 1 Red-necked Grebe.

I’m not sure of the status of SCRUB Jay in Newport; we found one just west of the Embarcadero before you get to the marina area.

Sally’s Bend action was all over near the LNG tank, which meant for good observation. Unfortunately there was a very cold north wind blowing when we got there so I didn’t do any counts. At least a thousand Bufflehead, really impressive. Plenty of wigeon, the usual goldeneyes, a male Canvasback, over 100 Mew Gulls and plenty that we did not process. The only California Gull all day was with the Mews.

A brief check of Boiler Bay did not produce any alcids except a flyby murre.

A sunny but brisk day.

Alan Contreras

Eugene, Oregon

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