Date: 2/22/18 12:59 pm
From: Nickel, James B <James.Nickel...>
Subject: Eagle nests found
I started thinking about trying to find an Eagle nest, after seeing an Eagle flying with a stick a little over a week ago. I went to the same area I saw the bird flying around, and started scanning the tall cottonwoods with my binoculars. Sure enough that did the trick and I found the nest.
Then I went to Marion Lake and I saw Bob Hoops walking around. Bob probably birds more than anyone I know. I think he birds almost every day. I invited him to get into my car to bird around the lake and he accepted. We went to one of his favorites spots and saw hundreds of common mergansers. They were moving in a long line feeding on shad and pushing them towards the shore. There were probably 20 Eagles there with the Mergansers. The Eagles were picking up the leftover shad the Mergansers were feeding on. I think I saw at least 20-30 dead shad floating by on the surface of the lake. It was a feeding frenzy. I do not think I have ever seen anything quite like it before. Then we glassed the trees the Eagles were in. Behind them was another Eagle nest. Eagle nest number 2. We found it in some tall cottonwoods.
Today, I decided to go back and glass the tall cottonwoods around the river and see if I could find another nest. After, several hours, and quite a bit of glassing, I found a third Eagle nest!! It makes me wonder how many nests there are in the county. It also makes me wonder if many nests are not counted in the Kansas total. I can remember when there were very few nests in Kansas. It makes me happy to know the Eagles are doing well, and that there are a least 4 nests in Marion county.
On a general note, I believe people should not share exact nest locations casually. A year or so ago an Eagle was shot near the Marion Lake dam. It was very discouraging to me. I hope everyone is doing well on a cold February day. Best wishes to all. Jim Nickel, Peabody, KS

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