Date: 2/22/18 12:51 pm
From: Carol Riddell <cariddellwa...>
Subject: [Tweeters] More on Car Break-ins - Spencer Island
Hi Tweeters,

I’m very sorry to hear that Penny has experienced two recent car break-ins. They are on the rise everywhere and we are always at risk, good stuff in the vehicle or not. Even just dealing with replacing broken windows is a hassle. I hope Penny at least gets her pack returned.

A hot spot for break-ins in Snohomish County is the small Spencer Island parking lot adjacent to one of the Everett Water Treatment aeration ponds. There are always nuggets of glass there from broken windows. Everett Parks knows of the problem but posts no signs or security camera. I pulled in there one day recently to see both driver-side windows broken out of a late model Subaru Forester. I opted to scope the lagoon pond from near my car. I was still there when the two couples who had been enjoying a hike returned to the Forester. It was their first visit to Spencer Island and had no knowledge of the high break-in rate at that parking lot. I decided that from now on I will park my car outside the gate, along the road, where a break-in would be much more visible and more risky for a thief. I have been walking back in with my scope. It does not guarantee I won’t be broken into, but I think I increase my odds for a pleasant bird outing by parking outside the gate and walking in.

Carol Riddell
Edmonds, WA_______________________________________________
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