Date: 2/22/18 11:37 am
From: Nancy Anderson <0000000bf2aec77c-dmarc-request...>
Subject: [Ohio-birds] White-winged Scoters-Marblehead Lighthouse Ottawa Co. 2/21&2/22
Yesterday (2/21) I went to the Marblehead Lighthouse SP in Ottawa County and saw a White-winged Scoter east of the park around 2:20pm.  It looked like a first year male with only a white smudge near the eye.  There weren't a whole lot of ducks except to the south of the lighthouse but then a large group of Redhead, Goldeneye & Scaup flew in and landed to the northeast.  He eventually drifted north and ended up mixed in with those ducks.
Today (2/22) I went back there around 1:30 and there really weren't hardly any ducks around and it was very rough with northeast winds.  There was now an adult male White-winged Scoter east-southeast of the park.  He had the white crescent below the white eye. 
Maybe they have been hanging around awhile-I don't know-as I haven't been going here for awhile.  
Nancy AndersonDanbury Twp, Lakeside Marblehead area,


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