Date: 2/21/18 7:28 pm
From: reeser <reeser...>
Subject: Turkey Vultures - Cumberland County, PA
I've been seeing quite a few turkey vultures lately in the Cumberland
Valley. A group was circling over the car dealers on the Carlisle Pike,
near Mechanicsburg Saturday 2/17/18. And a day or so prior to that, a
huge turkey vulture landed on the roof of the house just below us.
He/she sat on the peak of the roof with its wings spread out wide for
quite sometime, possibly soaking up the sun? It had a huge wingspan and
reminded me of photos of the condors out west. I never thought about
turkey vultures in comparison to the condors before, but that bird was
quite a sight, quite majestic!

It sat there for maybe 20 minutes or so, then took off and disappeared
up the valley, toward where I saw the group of them a day or two later.
The only other birds I recall sitting with wings out like that for
extended periods are the anhingas and cormorants drying their wings in
the sun after diving.

Wonder what the neighbors would have thought if they'd seen that huge
bird sitting on their roof!

Cumberland County, PA
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