Date: 2/21/18 7:09 pm
From: reeser <reeser...>
Subject: Middle Creek - Snow Geese viewing questions
I haven't been to Middle Creek for several years. I had planned to go
this year after the road opened but as I understand it, that won't occur
until March 1. With the warm weather we've been having, will March 1 be
too late to see the snow geese this year?

If I go now, where can you go to see the geese? Is it just the road
below the visitor center and the parking area for Willow Point? Can you
at least walk out to Willow Point? And the last time I was as Willow
Point the walk was really slippery and muddy, is it like that now?

Also, is Middle Creek much more crowded than it was several years ago?

Thanks for any information.

Cumberland County, PA
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