Date: 2/21/18 11:13 am
From: M. Dennice Craig <mdcraigster...>
Subject: Fox, Harris, Lincoln sparrows SE of Derby
Stunned today to see at yard feeders the Harris sparrow that I could not find over weekend’s GBBC. Then, bouncing all over the deck, a Fox sparrow (not seen all winter). Just now spotted single, forlorn, bird on flat feeder—none others around. Grabbed binoculars and, lo and behold, a Lincoln sparrow. Is that even possible? Well, it must be because it is there still—not being flushed and seriously chowing down. Very exciting—but wish I could have had them on Monday.
I did get flock of Siskins—repeatedly and, are you ready for this, a Bewicks wren. Promise you—saw the white tail “bars” finally when it pooped. Knew it was not a Carolina but knew I had to see that white or nobody would believe that I hadn’t been fooled.
Lots of fun—Lincoln looks less forlorn and keeping a Siskin off the seed. Held off Junco but just now flew when the Juncos scattered. I don’t see the Coopers Hawk but it swooped under the deck overhang this weekend.
I guess the ice and wind forced the birds to seek new food sources—these aren’t my usual feeder birds.
Just SE of Derby (87th S and Webb Rd.)
Feeling like a citizen scientist and nearly like a real birder.
Dennice Craig

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