Date: 2/21/18 8:25 am
From: Bruni Haydl <bruni...>
Subject: Back to normal
Looks like the Cedar Waxwings are leaving my area.   Odd how the
population would change from one day to the next.  Overall they were
here daily but every once in a while there was a lull.  Then the next
day the trees were loaded with them no matter where I looked.  Often
there were flocks of robins with them.  I did my best to point out these
special birds to neighbors in the subdivision during my morning dog walk
but not sure I succeeded. At that time you could really get the full
benefit of their beautiful color, mask, etc. highlighted by the morning
sun.  While checking on the Eagles on Monday we walked along the
Shenandoah to the next property and  there were tons of Waxwings and
Robins. You know there are a lot of birds when I with my poor hearing
consider it noisy.

Yesterday afternoon we did the same walk and there was absolute silence.
  There were some Canada Geese on the water as well as one male and
four female Common Mergansers.   A special treat was spotting a pair of
Wood ducks close to shore.  Four turtles were resting on a log.  Monday
I saw the eagles change positions on the nest.  Yesterday saw only the
one in the nest.  Neat to see them look around, often with an open
bill.  When we arrived at my observation post there were three
Red-tailed Hawks soaring not very high above us.  The air currents must
have been perfect because they really looked like they were enjoying
themselves. Later on I heard a cry and sure enough one was right in
front of us, almost hovering.  In the distance across the Shenandoah was
a kettle of 38 Vultures.  Also one lone Gull flying upriver.

Bruni Haydl

Charles Town
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