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When I used to work at the zoo, we had a male Raggiana Bird of Paradise that would use his bill and feet to pull up a string to raise a hanging bamboo tube (that was drilled with holes) full of meal worms. He would eat most of the meal worms but the female would stand on the ground below getting what meal worms that would fall out!

Read The Genius of Birds by Jennifer Ackerman. Birds do a lot of amazing things when you really watch them.

Eric Kowalczyk


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Ed et al,

On a recent episode of Nova on PBS, they looked at intelligence of birds, and spent quite a bit of time on crows, including a few demonstrations of complex tool use. I think most of the crows were New Caledonian Crows, and I'm not sure how they compare to our North American and Northwestern crows and ravens, but it's worth a watch anyway. You can view it online here:

Thanks for sharing this very interesting account.


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I just watched a crow that really wanted the last chunk of suet in the suet feeder get it out by pulling the chain that the suet feeder mesh box was hanging from. When the crow landed on the crook of the pole and then moved down to where the chain was hanging from under the crook, it found that it couldn’t quite reach the last bit of suet. So then it grabbed the chain with its beak and pulled the mesh box with the suet in it up to where it could peck at the suet. It then poked the suet enough that it got small enough to push through half inch holes of the box and knocked the suet out onto the ground and retrieved it there. I don’t know if it figured out that last part of pushing it out or if that’s just the way it played out but the crow definitely used the chain as a tool to pull the suet within reach. I thought only ravens were smart enough to do that.

Ed Swan

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