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Subject: Re: Asian visitors to Middle Creek
How many optic companies are based in Chine? Or course, they have a
passion for optics, and they are using them for nature photography.

On Feb 21, 2018, at 9:29 AM, Crable, Ad wrote:

> I went to Middle Creek this morning at 6:30 to take in the snow
> geese morning flight. Of the 75 people there in the foggy dusk, more
> than half were former residents of China or Chinese visitors on
> vacation. They were more than happy to talk about why there is such
> a concentration and were aware that it catches the eye of birders
> and visitors. What I heard over and over is that photography is a
> huge passion in China. And the winter snow goose migration at Middle
> Creek along with the wintering eagles at the Conowingo Dam are
> destinations for wildlife photos, both among Americans of Chinese
> descent and visitors from China.
> Ad
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> Subject: Re: [PABIRDS] Asian visitors to Middle Creek
> I don't think this is an offensive topic. The birding community in
> PA is not very diverse.
> I think it is important to be inclusive and do what we can to
> encourage people to become interested in wildlife and other outdoor
> resources.
> I have friends from MANY nations and none of them would be offended
> by this conversation.
> For example I have many Chinese friends and I have visited China
> before. I found that the people are very friendly and inquisitive
> about what Americans enjoy.
> When I visit a birding site and there are people I don't know, I
> start a conversation. It can be encouraging especially to young
> people to be noticed by older birders.
> Similarly, I would have greeted these visitors and helped them with
> their identification. And asked about their travels to PA.
> I appreciate having this topic being brought up so that we as
> birders can examine the way we are when we visit a birding site.
> Do we take the time to be welcoming others and making their
> experience special? Or do we just rush over talk among ourselves
> that know each other?
> Maybe the next time you see people from a different ethnicity you
> may be encouraged to make them feel welcome and help them learn
> about our birds.
> Deb Grove
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> From: "Jim Flowers" <artsnimages...>
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> Subject: Re: [PABIRDS] Asian visitors to Middle Creek
> It's a fact you didn't need to state! The birding community has
> many members from many ethnicities and some may consider this
> disturbing and condescending. It's more considerate for a general
> statement like "Middle Creek has become more international and you
> see that as interesting"
> instead of singling out one group like you did which may offend some.
> On Feb 21, 2018 8:25 AM, "Richard Nugent" <rmnugent...> wrote:
>> Jim Flowers,
>> You seem suspicious of my motives. You should not be suspicious. I
>> am merely stating a fact. I am not surprised that Asians want to
>> travel and enjoy nature. In fact I am happy that people from other
>> countries want to visit our country.
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>> From: "Jim Flowers" [<artsnimages...>]
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>> Subject: Re: [PABIRDS] Asian visitors to Middle Creek
>> Asians have an interest in the outdoors as well. Why are you so
>> interested in this? It could be taken in not so favorable ways! They
>> are humans just like us with similar interests and that shouldn't
>> be a surprise!
>> On Feb 20, 2018 9:07 PM, "Richard Nugent" <rmnugent...>
>> wrote:
>>> I think the reason is simple. China and India have a combined
>> population
>>> over two billion and with globalization a couple hundred million
>>> have
>> been
>>> lifted into the middle class and can now travel and take photos. I
>>> saw
>> many
>>> Asian tourists in Canada the last time I was there.
>>> Best Regards ......... Richard Nugent
>>> Hampton Township, Allegheny County
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>>> From: "Joel Flachs"
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>>> Subject: Re: [PABIRDS] Asian visitors to Middle Creek
>>> I agree with Ron having also traveled to China many times Joel
>>> Flachs
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>>> Subject: Re: [PABIRDS] Asian visitors to Middle Creek
>>> My experience traveling extensively in China is that nature
>>> photography seems to be more popular there than it is here. I rarely
>>> or never saw another birder, but any park will have numerous
>>> photographers taking pictures of flowers, leaves, birds, and
>>> anything else photogenic.
>>> Ron Rovansek
>>> Centre County
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>>> Subject: Re: [PABIRDS] Asian visitors to Middle Creek
>>> We have noticed a lot more Asians in Yellowstone and last year we
>>> went
>> down
>>> into Maryland during the sunflower season and they were possibly in
>>> the majority. I think they have a love of photography and nature
>>> but whether these places are on some sort of tour postings, I do
>>> not know.
>>> Ann C. Pettigrew, V.M.D.
>>> York, PA
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>>>> On Feb 19, 2018, at 5:01 PM, Herbert Flavell <herb1013...>
>> wrote:
>>>> I read your email to my sister and she said that she read
>>>> somewhere
>> that
>>> the Asian people are getting into bird watching more and more each
>>> year.
>>> Herb Flavell Gods Knob Milk Cn Corners Susquehanna County.
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>>>> From: Crable, Ad
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>>>> To: <PABIRDS...>
>>>> Subject: [PABIRDS] Asian visitors to Middle Creek
>>>> Has anyone else noticed the high percentage of Asian visitors to
>>>> Middle
>>> Creek Wildlife Management Area each winter during the snow
>>> geese/tundra swan migration? Does anyone know if the Middle Creek
>>> waterfowl extravaganza
>> is a
>>> marketed tour stop and where the tours originate from? I'm curious
>>> if
>> there
>>> is some distinct fascination with this ritual with this culture that
>> draws
>>> them in such numbers. Anyone have any insights?
>>>> Ad Crable
>>>> Lancaster
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> Deborah Grove
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