Date: 2/20/18 4:39 pm
From: Randy Bodkins <randybodkins...>
Subject: Red Crossbills/Randolph County..Cheat Mountain
I topped Cheat Mountain this morning (2/20/18) headed East and just past the USFS 92/Fish for Fun Intersection there were 3 Red Crossbills picking grit on the edge of the road. I went down the road & turned around..Parked at the intersection and attempted to get photos while fighting the steady stream of traffic. I finally got a poor photo of two on the third attempt of them flying away from vehicles. There were 2 males and a female. I only could get within about 50 yards of them and they gave up and flew to the East.

I was happy just getting a Bad Photo and traveled onward. About a quarter mile down the road there was a bunch of dead birds in the road..I went down a turned around. I figured at least I could get some bill closeups. There were 6 Red crossbills dead in the road. I found one male on the edge of the road that was warm and found another female that was upside down and moving.The ones that were in the road were COLD. They were apparently run over yesterday evening. I didn't think the live one was going to make it but I carried it around for probably 15 minutes and could feel it's grip on my fingers getting stronger..I even took it for a short ride down the road..After about 20 minutes it flew off and seemed quite fine !! I bet not many people have a photo of a Red Crossbill sitting on their camera bag !!

Randy Bodkins
Norton. WV
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