Date: 2/20/18 8:15 am
From: <jeffharding...> <jeffharding...>
Subject: [obol] Early Northern Rough-winged Swallow, Albany, Linn County
Bill Tice noticed a Northern Rough-Winged Swallow at Talking Water Gardens, a wetlands-based water treatment facility in Albany, Linn County last week.Others have also found one there in the last few days, and I saw one yesterday.It was flying with a flock of two dozen Tree Swallows and at least one Barn Swallow. It was smaller than the Tree Swallows, and soared less when banking, flapping almost continuously. The light brown back, off-white belly, and darker throat and chin contrasted with adjacent Tree Swallows.The Blue-winged Teal is still there, hanging with Cinnamon and Green-winged Teal in one of the back ponds.Soras volunteered their whinneys, and a Virginia Rail responded with grunts. Marsh wrens were singing.
Wild plum trees are blooming, but I have not yet seen a Rufous Hummingbird.Good spring birding,Jeff
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