Date: 2/20/18 6:18 am
From: Williams, Lisa <liswilliam...>
Subject: Ruffed Grouse and West Nile Virus webinar
If anyone has a particular interest in Ruffed Grouse research and management, I presented a Game Commission webinar on the topic last week. I discussed recent findings on population trends, West Nile Virus research, and management response. Since we know that WNV impacts extend far beyond ruffed grouse, I thought the webinar might be of interest to the larger birding community. Here is the link - warning it is a 50-minute event - but I try to keep it moving along without getting too bogged down in minutiae.

More complete information - including research posters, status reports, FAQs, links to other videos and presentations - is available on the PGC's Ruffed Grouse web page:

Lisa M. Williams, Wildlife Biologist - Grouse, Woodcock, Mourning Doves
PA Game Commission
Grouse and Woodcock Mgt:

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