Date: 2/19/18 2:30 pm
From: steve kimbrell <galvmcm...>
Subject: Injured Horned Grebe Randolph County FYI
There is a Horned Grebe with an injured left wing Downstream of the first
flood control levee, before Tygart's Valley River flows into Elkins,
Randolph County, W.Va. It appears to me that the wing is twisted back at
its wrist so that the underside of the primaries face up and the leading
edge of its wing faces backward; the wing juts-out perpendicular to the
bird's side. The bird is swimming about and picks-up objects from the
surface as if feeding, it does not dive.
Other birds present during the fifteen minute observation (3:30-3:45
pm) were Canada Goose 7, Mallard 3, Tufted Titmouse 1, White-breasted
Nuthatch 1, and Song Sparrow 1.

Steve Kimbrell, for this location
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