Date: 2/19/18 12:47 pm
From: Bird observations from western New York <geneseebirds-l...>
Subject: [GeneseeBirds-L] 30 White Fronts, Pt. Colborne
2-18-18, Pt. Colborne (Canada) -White Rd. just N. of 2nd Concession -4 White FrontPond/Inlet (water) on Lake St. just before entrance to Nickle Beach -26 White Front - a photographer on White Rd. said they go back & forth between here & the Miller Rd./White Rd. locations. Saw these a short time after the White Rd. birds & don't think any were those. ~4:35 they flew & after a semi-circle flew NE (towards White/Miller Rd.). I then went back to Miller & 3rd Concession arriving in time to see a bunch landing. Then a little later while scoping 4 more(?) joined them. Hard to get exact count in corn stubble but ~27. Most of these were found ~10 days ago by Blayne & Jean on Lorraine Rd. Mourad counted 30 at Miller & 3rd Concession ~1-1/2hrs. earlier. Considering all the ebird reports there could be more than 30 in the area. Perhaps they will stay awhile longer & be joined by even more.
4 Mute - not so mute & very accustomed to people feeding 'em.
2-17-18, N. tip Squaw (Island) -2im. Glaucous1im. Iceland4 Eagle - 2 at nest on Strawberry Is. & 2im.
51 Swan - on Ft. Erie shore. Earlier many or all at Beaver Is. S.P. & Strawberry.
2-15-18, Lorraine Rd. -~5 White Crown


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