Date: 2/19/18 10:03 am
From: Judy & Don <9waterfall9...>
Subject: Timberdoodles!
After the American Woodcocks returned to Ninestone on Saturday, Don and I waited in the savanna/prairie restoration on Sunday evening as dusk fell.
A woodcock called several times in the wooded thicket beside us, turning to project his voice in different directions. More males in surrounding areas answered with their dry buzzy peents, and suddenly burst into the air. We heard the twittering of their wings and watched silhouettes of woodcocks flying against the overcast sky, circling in front of us and looping all around us, some passing very close by. They made low arcs through brush and over grasses, disappearing into the trees. Several times I heard the chirping songs of invisible birds above. As I walked down the driveway to close the henhouse up for the night, there were more woodcock flights and chirps coming from the trees and the stream.
After I counted, thanked, and said good night to the chickens, I found the woodcocks had fallen silent.
Don and I think the displays lasted about 20 minutes and that we witnessed a minimum of ten flights, not counting those heard but not seen.

Ninestone, Carroll County
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