Date: 2/19/18 7:30 am
From: Shea Tiller via va-bird <va-bird...>
Subject: [Va-bird] red-headed woodpecker group, kestrels, meadowlark influx +more @Fluvanna
Hello, all.

Yesterday I had time from the morning until about 2:30 to somewhat
thoroughly bird some extremely underbirded portions of Fluvanna County. A
couple of the places apparently hadn't been birded in several years.
Overall, it was a very successful trip, boosting my county life list and
year list. Likely due to the weather front change, winter residents seemed
extremely sparse, and the majority of the songbirds I saw were singing

Some highlights included:

*5 meadowlarks *at Pleasant Grove Park.

A group of *red-headed woodpeckers* at the *Lake Monticello Golf Course*;
this was more than had been seen there before, so maybe they'll nest.

*2 kestrels *(rare in Fluv.), a small flock of *pigeons *(uncommon-rare in
Fluv.), and another *meadowlark *at the Carysbrook Plantation (a pig was
freely roaming the plantation fields as well).

*A ring-billed gull* (uncommon-rare in Fluvanna) at the shopping center
just outside of Lake Monticello on Turkeysag Trail.

*Three more meadowlarks*, *a soaring red-shouldered hawk *(a bit of a
surprise in this habitat), and a very distant flock of about 1,500 birds
that were likely all starlings around the intersection of Central Plains
Road and W. River Road. I tried scoping, but they weren't quite close
enough to permit a thorough look. Landowners were extremely polite and two
offered us access to their land, which would have allowed for closer
inspection of the massive flock if I had had time.

*Buffleheads *and a* lesser scaup *at the Fluvanna Correctional Center for
Women pond (*must *be birded from outside the prison property). The water
level appeared very low even after recent precipitation.

Great birding,

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