Date: 2/19/18 4:13 am
From: Fred Atwood <fatwood...>
Subject: Grant Co Sunday Feb 18, Pendleton Co Feb 17
Hello WV Birders
I birded several locations in the Petersburg, Maysville, Cabins, Patterson
Creek Rd area of Grant Co yesterday. It was a beautiful day after the
previous afternoon's wintry mix and treacherous driving in Pendleton Co
(where I saw one car that had collided with a tree on 220 outside Franklin
and where my Subaru almost lost traction going up the mountain on route
33). In Pendleton the snow was absolutely beautiful but I cut my trip short
because of these conditions and only stopped at 4 lakes in the Brandywine

I found 65 species, including 20 which were state year-birds for me (FOY).
This was my second visit to WV this year.
Here are the highlights at each of the stops in sequential order.

Pendleton Co Brandywine Lake, Miller Run Lake, Little Fork Lake Feb 17
No waterfowl at all
Winter Wren and 3 GC Kinglet at Little Fork

Pendleton Co, Broad Run Lake Feb 17
4 Canada Goose
4 Black Duck
4 Hooded Merganser (FOY)
4 Common Merganser
1 Pied-billed Grebe (FOY)

Grant Co S Mill Creek Lake Feb 17
The only waterfowl were two Canada Geese!
2 Belted Kingfisher (FOY)

Grant Co Durgon Rd Feb 17
Dusk: hoping for short-eared owl but no luck

Grant Co Petersburg 220 bridge Feb 18
12 Canada Geese
2 Common Merganser
2 Bald Eagle (adult and immature)

Grant Co Airport and Fish Hatchery Rd area and river across from Royal Glen
Rd 33 spp Feb 18
1 Sharp-shinned Hawk (FOY)
2 Ring-billed Gulls (airport) (FOY)
75 Mourning Dove
1 Phoebe
1 Ruby-crowned Kinglet (FOY) in small cedar patch on airport rd
415 Robins all over the place!
22 White-crowned sparrows (including 15 in small cedar patch on airport rd)
30 white-throats (mostly in one flock at bend in road by river)
38 Song sparrows (singing everywhere)
6 Meadowlarks (airport)
65 Redwings (looked closely for other species)
1 Purple Finch (FOY)

Grant Co Welton Park Feb 18
4 Bald Eagles (1 adult 3 immature)
8 Common Merganser

Hardy Co River at Rig Rd at Rte 28 bridge Feb 18
1 male Wood Duck (FOY)

Grant Co Stony River Dam Rd/Germany Hollow Rd Lake Feb 18
Looked carefully for shrike with no success
No Bald Eagle or kestrel
Nice flock of 19 Common Mergansers
2 Lesser Scaup
1 Killdeer (my only one of the day, and FOY)

Grant Co Oakdale Rd Lake Feb 18
No waterfowl
a nearby adult Bald Eagle en route

Grant Co Belle Babb Rd and Lake Feb 18, 37 spp
The lake was the fullest I have ever seen it: backed way up into the woods
and meadow. No waterfowl were in the main body of the lake but there was a
good variety in this flooded area. Because of the difficulty scoping
through the vegetation there may have been additional birds.
70 Canada Geese (my largest flock of the trip)
14 Wood Duck
8 Gadwall (FOY)
30 Mallard
36 Black Duck
3 Pintail drakes (FOY)
2 Green-winged Teal, a pair (FOY)
1 Redhead drake (FOY)
1 Common Goldeneye female
6 Hooded Merganser (in farm pond, not main lake)
4 Common Merganser
110 Robins
40 Cedar waxwings
2 American Tree Sparrow (in flooded thicket of lake) (FOY)
singing Field Sparrow and Meadowlark

Grant Co Martin Rd and lake Feb 18
1 Black Duck
9 Ring-necked Duck (7 male 2 female) FOY
2 Bald Eagle (immatures)
150 Robins
50 Cedar Waxwings eating cedar berries and the snow in the roadside ditch

Grant Co Thorn Run Rd and lake Feb 18
4 Lesser Scaup drakes (FOY)
1 Bufflehead female (FOY)
2 Common Goldeneye female and male coming into adult plumage

Grant Co Hogueland Rd
25 Horned Larks scoped carefully for Longspur but heat shimmer, furrows,
and new crop growth may have obscured it if it was still around.
1 Kestrel (male)
2 Red-tails (adult)
Scoped carefully for Peregrine, L Shrike, and Rough-legged Hawk, but found
1 Savannah Sparrow
1800 Starlings, scoped birds that were close enough, looking for blackbirds
3 Meadowlarks (2 were singing)
1 Common Grackle (FOY)
For those of you familiar with this area, it looks like either a house or a
housing development will soon be in the area where the Prairie Warblers
have bred every year since I have been birding in WV. I hope this did not
destroy their habitat.The thickets in this area have always been very
productive for passerines in all seasons. At this point, there are still
some thickets.

I was hoping to find a red-necked grebe in one of the lakes the last couple
of days. Not finding one here, I will look for the one in Hardy on my way
home to VA today. If anyone sees the Snowy Owl in Jefferson Co this AM I
would appreciate receiving a text 703 242 1675 or email so I can
adjust my route home to look for it.

All the best to you!!
Fred Atwood
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