Date: 2/18/18 9:45 pm
From: Dave Leibert <xdave...>
Subject: PA/NJ Gyr @ Oberly road
Howdy All,

I was over at Oberly road again today taking it all in. Its pretty close
to my house and I can get over there most days for a little while . Its
a great scene there with a lot of nice birders on many days.

I didn't see the gyr today or the Golden eagle for that matter. I heard
that the gyr is occasionally seen across the river chilling in PA as
viewed through scopes.

I did get to see a great display of Nature in action though. I am
referring to the bald eagle that came in towards the big flock of snow
geese on the ground on the East side of Oberly road.

This eagle was an adult and came in the the Southwest. The snow geese
had started to get agitated before we saw the raptor. They all took off
and started circling around. The eagle headed towards the center of the
huge flock and the snow geese parted into two groups kind of like Mosses
parting the Red sea.

The eagle flew into the group on the left and then turned back to the
right. It isolated one individual snow goose and chased this bird to the
Northeast. The eagle closed in from slightly below and swooped up and
took the snow goose in its talons! Pretty cool too see. It then dropped
down a little ungracefully towards the ground still in control of the
snow goose.

I hope to get back there tomorrow. I wasn't able to get the fourth
falcon species the other day after seeing the gyr. This gyr is now a "PA
bird" on occasion!

Happy Birding
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