Date: 2/18/18 9:21 pm
From: Nicholas Mrvelj <nickmrvelj...>
Subject: [obol] Cliff Swallow in Clatsop County
Hello again all,

Colby Neumann and I found a very early CLIFF SWALLOW today in Brownsmead.
It's tawny rump was very distinct among the more numerous TREE and BARN
SWALLOWS. It did not show a white forehead however, and caused us to have
pipe dreams of a certain look-a-like swallow that would be extremely rare.
However, we rubbished this idea and concluded that this bird was in fact a
CLIFF SWALLOW that was perhaps retaining some juvenile feathers around the
head. We are open to suggestions as to the lack of a cream/white triangular
patch on the forehead.

A quick search of eBird shows that there are no previous records for Cliff
Swallow in February in the state of Oregon. Knowing that eBird is far from
the end all be all of Oregon records, I'm wondering what other early
arrival records for the species are out there?

Good birding,
-Nick Mrvelj

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