Date: 2/18/18 7:03 pm
From: Mark Nikas <elepaio...>
Subject: [obol] Re: robins
I live west of Eugene near Fern Ridge Res and we get a large influx of
Robins every year between about Feb 10 and Mar 10. Most are overflights.
We are apparently on a flight path to some huge roost to the south. We
regularly have 100's pass over the last half hour of the day during this
period with peaks occurring the last week of Feb. I've had over 1000 a few
times and over 2000 at least once. Peak count so far this year has been
200. I'll be counting Apapanes and Iiwis the end of Feb this year so will
miss the big numbers of Robins at home.

Mark Nikas

On Sun, Feb 18, 2018 at 5:51 PM, David Irons <LLSDIRONS...> wrote:

> Alan,
> Most western Oregon birders probably don't much think of American Robins
> as spring migrants since they are residents and common year-around, but
> there is almost always a perceptible movement through the Willamette Valley
> in mid-to-late February. About a decade ago (when I was still living in
> Eugene), I spent a late Feb. day birding up north of Eugene between Coburg
> and Halsey. As I drove the country roads the fence lines, short-grass
> fields and tilled fields were essentially carpeted with American Robins. I
> saw thousands that day. There was no weather event that precipitated this
> incursion. As chance would have it, we were in Eugene earlier today
> visiting with the Heyerlys. There were robins all over their neighborhood,
> enough so that Dan mentioned the influx, which gave me reason to share the
> story told above. We've also been seeing more robins in our Beaverton
> neighborhood for the last week or so.
> Dave Irons
> Beaverton, OR
> ------------------------------

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