Date: 2/18/18 5:32 pm
From: Wayne Hoffman <whoffman...>
Subject: [obol] Klamath basin and Crescent City
Hi -

I birded again yesterday in the Lower Klamath and Tule Lake refuges and surroundings.  The highlight was again "Blue" Geese.  From the first 3 flocks I scanned, I picked out  total of 10.  I talked to an employee at the refuge HQ and he told me that 15 years ago they figured 1 blue per 10,000 Snow Geese, and 5 years ago they revised to 1 per 5,000 snows. We agreed that it now seems to be more than 1 per 1,000.  

Other things of interest included a Say's Phoebe about a mile from Petroglyph Point, 2 Praiie Falcons at the point already acting territorial, and a female Merlin on Lower Klamath.  

I flushe a flock of sparrow=sized birds off a side road off Township Road, and immediately thought longspurs! but when they landed they transformed into House Finches.

Today I got up to see an inch of snow on my car, and more coming so headed over to Medford and then down to Crescent City, where after 2 hours of searching I was rewarded by hearing from another birder the location of the continuing Black-tailed Gull.  This is a beautiful bird, and people are getting better at relocating it.  Basically, the story is many thousand gulls are there attending spawning herring.  They feed, then go roost for a while in bg roosts at several places, then go back and feed some more.  Today the main spawning action was in the ocan among rocks and kelp just north of the lighthouse (viewed from the west end of 3rd St.  In the morning the gull roosted in a flock on the beach at the base of the fishing pier at the end of B st, just west of the sewage treatment plant.  This afternoon, when I was there it was relocated in the north-east corner of the bay, at the mouth of Elk Creek.  This is just behind the Chamber of Commerce Visitors' Center, for those whi know Crescent City,

The mix of gulls here is quite different from Newort, with lots of Herrings, few Glaucous-winged, and huge numbers of Mew.

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