Date: 2/18/18 3:31 pm
From: Bill Thurman <bill.masterofmusic...>
Subject: Wapanocca
I took advantage of the much nicer weather and temperature and visited
Wapanocca Wildlife Refuge today starting at late morning. On the way there
I noticed quite a few mourning doves, hundreds of Redwing blackbirds, one
lone Mallard in a scruffy little pond near Jericho, AR, one E. Bluebird,
one Mockingbird and two N. Flickers near the Refuge entrance. Within the
last mile and a half of reaching the entrance I saw a large clump of
feathers in the middle of the road. A large, once beautiful red tailed hawk
had been struck and killed by some vehicle. There was no other traffic
around at the moment. I stopped, pulled it out of the road and laid him to
rest on the side of the road. It had beautiful strong golden talons.
I moved on to the really beautiful Wapanocca refuge and went to the
fishing/observation outlook over the large lake. I saw:
1 Common Loon
Several seagulls (probably common)
lots of Northern Shovelers
Several Bufflehead
3 large immature Am. Bald Eagles

There were likely more duck species, but they were just too far away to
identify. I stayed a good while and felt lucky enough. Entering and leaving
the refuge I also saw:
Several Am. Crows
1 E. Phoebe
1 Tufted Titmouse
2 Turkey Vultures
1 Accipiter species - distant flyby
Several N. Cardinals among the cypress swamp
As I left the refuge I took several photos of the cypress swamp and at the
last second noticed a pair of Wood Ducks, male and female, swimming among
the cypresses. That really made my day!

Bill Thurman

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