Date: 2/18/18 1:20 pm
From: Nedra Sekera <njs1500...>
Subject: [GABO-L] Information only on possible W/T@n@ger Fannin County
>> Today while participating in the GBBC Mary Gage and I
>> observed a tanager that flew to a power line. It was
>> overall yellow, the head only a slight tinge of gray, a bone
>> colored tanager bill, a small area of whitish feathers across
>> the breast from the shoulder of the wings, and darker wings
>> with very small white wingbars.
>> It flew to a tree across the road in a pasture and perched for
>> perhaps 30 seconds giving us a nice side view of that
>> wing and white wingbar. The bird color was a medium yellow
>> but very bright.
>> I have no picture but I felt the information should be out
>> there so other birders would be aware and look carefully
>> in this area.
>> If this bird had never turned so that the wingbar was
>> evident I would have passed it off as another tanager species.
>> Also this bird did not have the contrast of the continuing
>> tanager in south Georgia.
>> The bird was observed adjacent to 996 Stiles Road,
>> Epworth GA. Stiles Road runs between Lickskillet Road
>> and Mobile Road in Epworth GA 30541.
>> Nedra Sekera
>> Epworth
>> Fannin County
>> Sent from my iPad

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