Date: 2/18/18 9:41 am
From: Jared Del Rosso <jared.delrosso...>
Subject: [cobirds] Centennial & Littleton - Arapahoe
This morning (2/18), I visited Chapel Hill Memorial Gardens (Arapahoe) to
check for the Harris's Sparrow. I hadn't seen the bird since December, but
I've only made a few, brief trips to the cemetery to look for it this year.
The hedge row along the cemetery's western edge was busy with juncos and
chickadees. Several of the juncos seemed to be practicing their songs,
making all sort of strange, garbled noises. Amid that, I thought I heard
the Harris's practice its, but only once and not definitively. A juvenile
Cooper's swung by and quieted the lot. I stuck around for a bit longer and
was glad to have. The Cooper's flew off, the juncos starting singing again,
and a *Mountain Chickadee*, my first at the cemetery, appeared amid the
Black-capped. And then the *Harris's* emerged from wherever it had been
hiding, taking a just-above-eye-level perch in the open.

From there, I headed to Littleton to look for the Brant at Ketring, a
potential lifer for me and a potential new bird for me in my three mile
home circle. On my way to the Ketring, I noted a large flock of
white-cheeked geese at Gallup Park (across the street from Ketring). I
hurried to the lake anyway, finding a good number of ducks and few geese.
The *Hermit Thrush* was in the brushy stuff near between lake and open

I gave up on Ketring and hurried over to inspect the goose flock at Gallup.
Most seemed like Cackling; all seemed to want to keep their heads buried in
the grass and their necks turned away from me. I got a better angle on them
and the flock seemed to split, leaving the *Brant *in the front and middle
of all the white-cheeked geese.

- Jared Del Rosso
Centennial, CO

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